Cobra vs Puff Adder

Cape Cobra biting a Puff adder, Video taken by me while bowhunting in Murraysburg area, Karoo, South Africa. My cousin (Thys Pienaar) and I was busy walking in a dry river bed when we ran into this once in a lifetime sight, we stayed for about five minutes after the Cape Cobra bit the Puff adder.

Puff adder is hiding his head. Seen the same when a rattler is confronted by an indigo, Hide the head because snake eating snakes obviously go for the head. Seems like the adder is too fat to eat for the cobra.

Cape cobra is known to envenomate puff adder over a period checking up on it and envenoming several more times. While the puff adder has some fight it will attempt to keep its head away from the cobra.

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