Izzi came in with a Superb Parrot Female

Looks like a Peregrine Falcon, They strike at staggering speeds to the point their prey dies on impact from strike, Trust me that parrots had a quick death, I lived in an area growing up where Peregrines would roost.

All types of bird legs in our back yard, And so I caught an excellent view of one of the Peregrines striking a pigeon, All I seen was a feathers like it was a pillow fight in mid-air. The Peregrine took off without landing to the ground with its prey, This happened in less than 30 seconds.

As a parrot owner I’m conflicted as well, But, falcons kill quickly, so the bird didn’t suffer and it is a part of the circle of life, Great footage, so us parrot owners know just how risky not taking precautions can be.

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